New Austrian Audio Stage Mics

OD505 Active Dynamic and OC707 Handheld Condenser are said to offer studio quality onstage      19/08/21

Austrian Audio has announced two new microphones. A spokesperson told us, "The OD505 Active Dynamic and OC707 Handheld Condenser bring our acclaimed studio-quality microphone experience and technology to new handheld vocal mics that are designed for live performance."

Here's the details in Austrian Audio's own words...

The OD505 is an Active Dynamic microphone that combines the advantages of a dynamic stage mic with the sonic refinements of a condenser microphone. This outstanding vocal microphone achieves nearly the same sensitivity as a condenser mic due to its state-of-the-art dual capsule design where the bottom capsule is phase-inverted and passively switched. Combined with a switchable 2nd order high-pass filter and the Open-Acoustics-technology, noise from handling, bumps, and stage rumble are effectively eliminated.

The OC707 is a rugged vocal microphone with a die-cast body and true condenser technology for superior sound on stage. Developed and built in Vienna, the OC707 contains a small-diaphragm condenser capsule with a frequency response optimized for the human voice. The capsule is handmade in Austrian Audio's facilities in Vienna. Its combination of low self-noise (19 dB SPL) and high sound pressure level (150 dB SPL) results in an impressive dynamic range, creating a vocal microphone that has all the important characteristics of a studio mic but can withstand the rigors of everyday stage use.

These new microphones utilize Austrian Audio's special Open Acoustics Technology, which allows sound to enter the capsule almost entirely unimpeded from all sides. Contact points between the mounted capsule and the enclosure are reduced to a minimum, allowing for an open and natural sound without any coloration. The reduction of sound-reflecting surfaces in the vicinity of the capsule ensures that the signal source is reproduced as resonance-free as possible while advanced materials and sophisticated mechanics reduce unwanted vibrations even further. Supercardiod, respectively cardioid, polar patterns with excellent off-axis rejection along with breakthrough design ensure maximum suppression of feedback.

"We are proud to say that the OD505 and OC707 are "Made in Austria", guaranteeing world-class quality and sustainability," states Martin Seidl, CEO. "Only the highest quality materials and techniques are used in design and manufacturing and our testing is performed in our own anechoic chamber in our Vienna facility."

Pricing and Availability:
USA & Asia: $479 (VAT not included), avail. early December
Europe: €399 (MSRP, incl. VAT)
UK: £359 (MSRP, incl. VAT)

USA & Asia: $299 (VAT not included), avail. early October
Europe: €249 (MSRP, incl. VAT)
UK: £229 (MSRP, incl. VAT)

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