Superb Summing Mixer For Pocket Operators

US Handy device for mixing and syncing up to 5 POs      07/04/21

Superb Summing Mixer For Pocket Operators

Pocket Operators have been around a while, with many of us succumbing to at least two or three of them to jam in unison. They're beautifully designed, intuitive devices which can be daisy chained to share sync signals and pass audio - but this new summing mixer is going to take that to a new level. It'll take the inputs of up to 5 PO's allowing you to balance volumes and mute particular modules - as well as spreading the sync signal between them.

It's a fantastic idea, as you'd normally have very little hands-on control over volumes - and no way of muting when units are daisy chained. It also appears to be in keeping with the series, which is a nice touch.

The PO Summing mixer is available now from Tindie with limited stock available


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