MIDI Recorder & Looper App For iOS

US Cem Olcay releases LoopBud      08/03/21

MIDI Recorder & Looper App For iOS

Cem Olcay has released LoopBud, a new MIDI Recorder & Looper app. It's described as super fast and fun, focused only on recording (with or without quantization) and looping.

Here's the details direct from Cem Olcay...

Super-easy MIDI Recording
LoopBud is a super simple yet very powerful MIDI recorder and looper.

You can record MIDI very quickly for your melody ideas or live jamming.

It designed with 4-bar loops in mind but you can work with unlimited number of bars.

Also, you can create unlimited number of patterns and change them with MIDI CC messages!

Two easy record modes
It has two record modes: Add mode and New mode.

Add mode appends new notes on each new loop cycle

New mode clears out the previous cycle and lets you start a fresh recording.

You can always go back with the "undo" button if you make a mistake.

Loop and Live Perform
You have different options for making your recordings interesting.

You can toggle quantization on/off while recording.

You can also set the quantization level from the settings menu.

You can change the clock speed and make your recording play faster or slower

You can also focus on a single bar by pressing the bar measure. It will loop only that bar.

Handy Settings & MIDI Export
You can set the highest/lowest notes of the piano roll.

You can also set the note order of the piano roll.

You can long-press to patterns and bars for copy/paste/delete options.

You can copy/paste patterns between different instances of LoopBud AUv3 plugins.

You can export the MIDI pattern by pattern or you can merge all patterns and export a single MIDI file.

Take Advantage of AUv3
LoopBud comes with an Audio Unit plugin which you can use with your favorite AUv3 host apps like AUM, Cubase, BeatMaker, apeMatrix, NanoStudio etc.

You can create custom presets and save your current ArpBud 2 state to your host app - load it again anytime.

Pricing and Availability:

$4.99 at the app store.

More information:


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