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And the reverb is still there      17/02/21

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A new release from Mutable Instruments is always a bit of an event - Émillie Gillet is a superstar DSP coders and continue to design some of the best selling modules worldwide. 
Clouds is a seminal module, the mainstay of many an ambient setup (mine included), it was sadly discontinued although the open source code meant it was still available in VCV Rack (software) .

Mutable instruments Beads

There was a lot of talk about how Clouds was being used and that it wasn't really about the reverb, although to be honest that was a big part of it for many, and that its creator Emilie was considering a follow up that focus more on the granular audio processing and would leave th reverb out of its successor.

However, now with Beads announced we can see that its still there (phew!).

Beads improves on the original with more DSP allowing higher processing rates, longer buffers and more features. Indeed its been redesigned from the ground up:

with several goals in mind: a crisper and broader sound palette, more control, better playability, and direct access to exciting new features.

New features include: tap-tempo, beat slicing, time stretching and comb filtering, cassette tape emulation,  and the real-time granular audio processing has been enhanced with 8 internal banks of wavetables too so you don't have to send any audio in for sound out.

for a full specification visit the Mutable Instruments pages

Priced at €299/$359



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