Modular Sequencing Environment Updated

US Seqsual's Blue Set is now in version 2      05/02/21

Modular Sequencing Environment Updated

Seqsual tells us that their Blue Set modular sequencing environment powered by Reaktor has been updated to v2. This is the story in their own words...

Blue Set is a collection of patchable blocks that can be inter-connected through patch points to create unique customised sequencers. Real-time generated signals are sent as MIDI messages to DAW, VSTs, hardware instruments or used as control voltages with analogue equipment through DC-coupled audio interface. It works in free Reaktor Player from Native Instruments and can be used as stand-alone application or VST plugin.

Parallel sequencer becoming serial
Blue Set has now more functionality (new blocks) related to serial manipulation of step values. You can sort, shift, shuffle, quantise, scale or align to grid all 16 or selected part of values.

Scale (Link) – Blue Set quantisers
New quantisers and L-Scale block has been added. For familiarity/easy of use, L-Scale (library of scales) mirrors organisation of NI Maschine's and Komplete Kontrol's scale function. As the scale definition is shared among Blue Set blocks in form of Link connection, Link manipulating blocks can be conveniently used to transform scale formulas.

Synced blocks
Thanks to addition of new Sync blocks, integration of Blue Set into Maschine workflow is made easier. Blues Set can now be synchronised with Maschine's BPM/transport control and be used as a generative source of events, effectively supplementing or replacing keyboard/pad controller part.

Pricing and Availability:

36 Euros

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