Modular Sequencing Environment

US Seqsual Blue Set is a collection of patchable blocks working in Reaktor      23/07/20

Seqsual describes Blue Set as a modular sequencing environment. It is a collection of patchable blocks working in free Reaktor Player from Native Instruments. A spokesperson  told us, "Blue Set offers inspiring new approaches and applications to traditional step-sequencing, keeping the process engaging, readable and user-friendly."

Individual blocks can be inter-connected through patch points to create unique customised sequencers. Real-time generated signals are sent as MIDI messages to DAW, VSTs, hardware instruments or used directly as control voltages with analogue equipment through DC-coupled audio interface.


  • Parallel sequencing – multiple tracks with independent length, offset and time controls can share same set of step values.
  • Intuitive clock signal handling – negative pulse advances sequences in reverse direction, sequencing blocks have direct input for random jumps and resets.
  • Generation & development – step values can be generated, sequentially recorded, modified and shuffled on the fly.


Seqsual Blue Set is powered by REAKTOR from Native Instruments and works in the latest version of REAKTOR or REAKTOR Player

Pricing and Availability:
36.00 Euros

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