Presentation: Cakewalk - A Free DAW For PC

US And it used to cost $499 as Sonar Platinum      17/09/20

Cakewalk is a fully featured DAW for PC, with audio MIDI , virtual instruments, mixing and production features that until 2018 (when it was SONAR Platinum) would have cost you $499. But since BandLab bought it and took over development, its now FREE. Hard to argue with that.

After a period of time sorting out the code and whatnot, the team at BandLab now continue to develop as Cakewalk by BandLab on the Windows OS, and have integrated it into their BandLab cloud based platform - which is also  free,  with more integrations to come.

We had a chat with Jesse Jost about the features you can expect.

Cakewalk Social

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