Korg Release New Volca Sample

V2 increases memory, MIDI spec, USB      19/08/20

Korg Release New Volca Sample

We've always had a soft spot for the Volca Sample, the original was not only pretty useful for sequencing user sounds, but also sounded pretty chunky too. However,  it did have limitations - MIDI channel assignment was clunky, making it hard to trigger form external sources without some MIDI mapping shenanigans and sample transfer was not a barrel of laughs.

See our Original Review:

Tada! Korg have now upgraded the original model to address those and other issues.
With double the sample slots (from 100 to 200), more patterns and chaining - its much more usable as a standalone drum machine. You also now get micro USB connection for faster transfer of samples and an iOS sample recorder/manager.

The new Volca Sample is available from September priced at £159 - it is not clear as to wether this will supersede the original Volca Sample or be a new product.

Key Features

  • More powerful sample engine with 8 voice polyphony
  • USB connection for faster sample management and better connectivity
  • Dedicated librarian software (Mac and PC)
  • New individual MIDI channels assignment per part
  • Dual band analogue isolator and digital reverb
  • Motion sequencer records and plays back up to 11 parameters
  • Synchronised playback with other volca units, electribe, or DAW.
  • New Pattern Chain Mode with 2 different STEP JUMP modes and Start Delay function
  • Increased memory of 200 memory slots (double its predecessor)
  • Pattern locations have also have been increased from 10 to 16.
  • A brand-new sound library
  • Dedicated AudioPocket manager for iOS to record new samples on the fly.

(NOTE: Korg say preliminary specifications may change)


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