Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Goes Universal

US New 200MB Discover edition only £49      07/05/20

Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Goes Universal

At the big launch of the BBC Symphony Orchestra Library last year, Spitfire Audio were excited at the prospect of a orchestral starting point for people to be able to score a full orchestra  using a  a single library. In this case they were working in collaboration with the  world class BBC Symphony Orchestra recorded at the soon to be de-commissioned Maida Vales Studios - where their legendary sound was recorded.

In todays's news, they created a highly compact (200mb download) version of the library called  BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA DISCOVER, with 35 included musical instruments, but with less articulations (47 total), which allows access to full orchestral scoring for a mere £49/£$49/€49!

What's more, its completely compatible with the full library, allowing  scores to be accessed even if they use the full library. This opens up the possibility of orchestral collaboration, educational application or perhaps always having a core orchestral library to work on the go without taking a massive sample drive with you.

This means that pretty much anyone can start working on full orchestral scores using  BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA DISCOVER edition with a minimal outlay, it also means that people who have the full score can share their session and have someone with the DISCOVERY version take a look and still have the  voices of the full orchestra. Founders Christian Henson and Paul Thompson are extremely passionate about enabling musical education and the benefits of playing in groups and music making in general.

It seems to borrow quite heavily from their extremely successful LABS concept, with a simplified interface and uses their custom engine, moving aways from the Kontakt based instruments, they have previously used.

Spitfire's intention is to create a universal starting point for orchestral work and scoring at an extremely affordable point. Indeed, they are also offering this for free to individuals who find that price is out of reach, you just need to fill in a simple questionnaire.

Announced at the same time, BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CORE sees a curated version of the full BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (now known as BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA PROFESSIONAL) into an essential package, priced accordingly at £399.00 GBP/$449.00 USD/€449.00 EUR (RRP).

CORE features a large selection of instruments performing the full range of articulations but with one mixed signal rather than the full range of microphones.

This is a bold move to take on orchestral composition and make it interchangeable no matter what your budget.In collaboration with the BBC its going to mean access to orchestral composition just got a whole lot easier.

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