More Sounds From The Behringer 2600

But what will it cost?      11/02/20

Behringer continue to trail their imminent 2600 clone - with videos chronicling the prototyping and pre-production models coming from their work with Rob Keeble  at AMSsynths who's been heavily involved in the project. 

Checking their website:

AMSynths is a UK based manufacturer of high quality analog synthesizer modules and is in partnership with Behringer to design amazing analog synthesizers.

In this video , Behringer's Patric Karvounis takes us through the elements of the BARP and demonstrates. 

We still don't know what the price is going to be - presumably considerably less than Korg's Limited Edition 2600 which features the keyboard, true spring reverb and flight case, but also is reportedly already sold out. We wonder if Behringer were hoping for a quicker turn around so people could actually order the instrument to fill this void.

Rumours were also flying that Korg are planning on a scaled down version of the 2600, which presumably will also be more affordable and in a larger production run. When we asked Korg at NAMM, no one specifically denied this, but who knows?

One things for sure, Superbooth will be an interesting event this year (April 23rd-25th). Wouldn't it be awks if the Korg and Behringer booths ended up next to each other?


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