Rare Monophonic Bass Synth Emulated

US Martinic Kee Bass physically models the Rheem Kee Bass monophonic string bass simulator      04/10/19

Martinic has released Kee Bass, a VST/AU plug-in that they describe as a faithful emulation of one of the first monophonic string bass simulators - the Rheem Kee Bass. A spokesperson told us, "Bring some groovy, bassy vibes back from the ‘60s and straight into your music." This is what Martinic has to say about it...

Our Kee Bass is based on the original electronic schema and an actual physical Kee Bass. Firstly, we modeled the instrument precisely (no sampling at all), then we added a few modern features to make it more versatile and unique.


Physical modeling of vintage Rheem Kee Bass (no samples used)
• Bass Fuzz sound - built in
• Percussion - Fast decay
• Percussion - Slow decay
• Sustain
• Bright-Mellow option on all sounds
• 2 Full Octave Keyboard
• Modeled Solid State Electronic Circuitry
• 2.5 MB Portable Lightweight Beauty
• Compatible with any VST/AU host


• Level adjust
• Adjustable 25-note tuning
• Extended 128 MIDI note range • Velocity-sensitive
• All settings MIDI learnable
• Poly mode
• Low/high/last note priority
• Attack/decay adjust
• Low pass filter with resonance
• Filter LFO/envelope modulation
• Wide range of presets
• Fine tuning
• Transpose/octave shift


Pricing and Availability:

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