Instant Hand Claps And Finger Snaps

Robotic Bean releases Hand Clap Studio VST/AU instrument      11/09/19

Robotic Bean has released Hand Clap Studio, a sample-based instrument plugin in VST3 and AU formats. They say that, featuring samples recorded with a professional percussionist in the classic and great sounding Atlantis Studio, Hand Clap Studio gives full control over clappers and sound, while drastically speeding up the process of getting high quality claps for your song. Here’s the details in their own words…

Claps and snaps are used in most music productions today. Whether you want soft and dry finger snaps for your delicate acoustic song, or hard hitting claps drenched in reverb for your trap track, Hand Clap Studio has you covered with just a few tweaks of the controls.

You can select how many clappers you want, how they clap, and how tight their timing is. Find the sweet spot between Close and Room mics, and add sampled reverb from Atlantis’ Echo Chamber. Finish off with specially designed EQ and compression to make the claps fit your mix. The Display gives instant visual feedback of the current settings.

Hand Clap Studio features:

  • More than 700 high quality samples recorded in Atlantis Studio
  • Four different clap and snap types in five velocity layers
  • Full control over clappers, timing and microphone mix
  • Built-in pattern sequencer
  • Tailor-made FX
  • Rich visual feedback

About Robotic Bean
Since 2015, Robotic Bean have produced Rack Extension plugins for Propellerhead Reason. From full-blown synthesizers like Resonans and sequencers like Sequences, to clever utility devices like TS-1 Time Slider, Robotic Bean’s products focus on user-centered design, build quality, and musical use.
The team consists of Niklas Backlund (developer), Erik Söderberg (graphics), and Anders Ljung (the other stuff) and are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Pricing and Availability:

Hand Clap Studio is available for immediate download and retails for €59 (approximately $65).

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