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Robotic Bean release the Euclid Rhythm Generator Rack Extension      14/08/14

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Robotic Bean has released Euclid Rhythm Generator, their first Rack Extension for Reason. They tell us that it uses Euclid's Algorithm to generate natural-sounding rhythmical patterns.

A spokesperson told us, "You can use it to trigger anything that has a gate input: Drums, synths or even external instruments. It's dead simple to use -- Just hook it up and start tweaking the knobs! The graphical display visualizes every change you make to your pattern in real-time, and Euclid always stays in time with the music."

Robotic Bean is a small software development company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Creative team is currently working on more Rack Extensions for Reason.

Pricing and Availability:
€25.00. Available in the Propellerhead shop.

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