MakeProAudio Scalable Self Build Audio and Control System

US Decide what you want then make it yourself      28/03/19

MakeProAudio are a new company that are working on a range of products that allow you to build your own perfect setup, with modules that offer audio interfacing, controllers, synth applications and more. It will require no soldering, just put together the Blocks you want in the configuration you want.

The system is connected via network using software running on a $30 Raspberry Pi computer, so that it is self aware - it knows what you have connected. All of this is then glued to together using the GLUE control software running on the Pi with interfaces available for phones and tablets as well. 

Its a really interesting concept and one that we know will excite some people - those who like to create their own workflows and setups.

The basic components are:

  • Control Tiles (faders, encoders, pads or anything your Arduino can do)
  • Audio Tiles for audio processing and converters (DSP, AD/DA, AoIP) and USB audio and network audio interfaces
  • Connect Tiles where you make common audio connections (XLR,TRS, MIDI, Headphone)
  • Compute Tiles for network connection (Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Latte Panda)

More information on the available components:

Control Tiles

  • Rotary Encoders with Push Switch and Touch Sensing
  • Full Color RGB Switch Pads
  • Motorized Faders (60mm or 100mm long) with Touch Sensing
  • LCD Display and 2 Encoders with Push Switch
  • Arduino-based things you or the community will build!

Connect Tiles

  • XLR, TRS, XLR/TRS Combo for analog audio connectors
  • XLR and RCA for digital audio connections
  • MIDI DIN5, MIDI 3.5mm and USB MIDI for MIDI connectivity
  • USB Audio and Ethernet Audio over IP connections are on the Audio Tiles

Audio Tiles

  • MPA DSP Audio Processor, scalable (latest generation multi-core SHARC DSP)
  • Analog to Digital / Digital to Analog Converters (with/without Mic Preamps)
  • MPA “Dino Park” Synthesis DSP Core (stand-alone operation)
  • USB Audio Interface (available Q1 2020)
  • Audio over IP Interface (available Q1 2020)

Compute Tiles

  • Pi Tile with mechanical mount for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ and compatibles
  • Support for other Community CPUs is in preparation

The system is expected to be available in June 2019 after a soft launch at Musik Messe Hall 8, Booth B10 April 2-5, 2019.






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