Voltage Modular Update

US Version 1.3.3 released plus more free modules      04/03/19

Voltage Modular Update

Cherry Audio has released Voltage Modular 1.3.3. They tell us that the new features are...

  • Multi Threaded Mixing - On a fast computer with multiple cores, this feature can improve mixing performance considerably.
  • The mixing process has been improved in multiple ways for more efficient mixing.
  • Labels - Labels in different styles and colors can be added to any module. These labels can be placed anywhere on a module, and remain part of a module.

 For Voltage Core owners, free modules include:


Cherry Audio also tells us that veteran module developer Hetrick has entered the Voltage Modular universe, with a suite of new modules in development. His first two free modules, Dust and Crackle, are now available.

Pricing and Availability:

Voltage Modular ($99) will automatically download the new version, or users can get it immediately here.

More information:


Even more news...


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