Sonic LAB: Arturia Pigments Wavetable Synthesizer

US All new synthesizer plug-in      24/12/18
    MP4 19:24 mins    

Arturia's Pigments represents something new for Arturia in that its a totally new instrument - perhaps best known for their emulations of classic instruments - for the last 20 years (yeah I know..)

Pigments offers a twin engine approach, with either Analog or Wavetable engines - you can mix and match.

The Analog engine features three oscillators, with the wavetable a single source, but plenty of really nicely created wavetables to choose from all with very smooth wave scanning and interpolation.

Twin interchangeable filters give you some classic (SEM /Mini/ Multi-mode) models as well as some more whacky and unique ones.

At the heart of Pigments is the deep, deep modulation routing system, with a highly visual approach each source can have multiple destinations and can also be modified by the same sources. its deeply powerful and results in some highly complex and compelling sounds.

The FX engine also supplies an enormous amount of additional processing which can also be deeply integrated into the synthesis engine.

We took an arial view of the new synth - currently available for free download until January 10th, you can buy it till then at €/$149, after which it will be €/$199.

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