The Ultimate VST-Synthesizer MIDI Controller?

Rava Yamana is a USB MIDI controller specifically made to control analog-style VST Synths      06/11/18

The Ultimate VST-Synthesizer MIDI Controller?

Featured in an Indigogo campaign, the Rava Yamana is, according to its designer, the ultimate VST-synthesizer MIDI controller and the only USB-Midi Controller aimed specifically to control analog-style VST-Synthesizers. A spokesperson told us, "While most midi controllers are either designed in a one for all or mixer specific design, this midi controller is for VST-Synthesizers. It is aimed to allow the user to design sounds with analog-style VST-Synthesizers as close to hardware as possible. It allows you to use VST Synthesizers without looking at the screen. 60 knobs allow you to experience VST-Synthesizers like never before."

  •     DIY-Kit and limited number Ready-to-use devices
  •     60 Knobs!
  •     Analog Synth Style Front Panel helps you to build muscle-memory
  •     Less screen, more sound
  •     USB, class compliant, no drivers for Windows, Linux and Mac
  •     Bus powered
  •     Configurable via WebInterface - (if needed)
  •     Easy to build
  •     Based on Open Deck by Shantea Controls (included)

Pricing and Availability:
€385 Ready to use, completely built
€230 DIY Kit - complete
Estimated delivery April 2019

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