Working In Quad - 4 Ways To Try It Yourself

DAW, Eurorack, VCV Rack and Dawless      04/09/18

Loopop has just posted an excellent taster into working with quadraphonic audio. He tells us that he's hooked on working in four channels and 

 I think the emotional impact to music in the move from stereo to quad is even more impactful than from mono to stereo. I’m sure you’ll love it!

In this video, Loopop works through four ways to try quad audio:

  • In the DAW (2:30- 07:15)
  • In Eurorack (07:15-19:25)
  • Using VCV Rack (19:25-22:00)
  • DawlesQuad? (22:00)

It raises an interesting idea of creating a VCV rack system which runs on a Raspberry Pi (VCV is also Linux compatible), indeed he asks if anyone would care to give it a try - could be an interesting way to create small audio/synthesis projects that run on $30 computers.

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