This 1969 iHop Ad Featured Modular Synths But Its Still Horrible

US Cutting edge production for the time      14/08/18

Automatic Gainsay aka Marc Doty, recently posted this video to his Facebook timeline, with the following comment:

All right... there weren't that many modulars kicking around in 1969.


Its a fair question, but so far nobody's owned up. True it was almost 50 years ago and the original composer may not still be with us, but it does bring up an interesting debate about art and commercial exploitation. 

This piece must have been made using cutting edge synthesizer technology (as stated - there weren't many of these around in 1969) and also recording techniques - the sped up vocal and plenty ot tape edits.

Some argue in the comments that this sort of popularization was one of the driving forces behind the development of Don Buchla's instruments - to keep electronic music more experimental and less commercial. But we think that might be stretching things a little. And to be fair, for its time it was probably considered to be pretty out there and cutting edge - hindsight being what it is.

However, as working musicians, many have to work to order and do things that our own personal tasted might not want to.

I know sometimes I've worked on music that I did not at the time enjoy and took me out of my comfort zone, but looking back with hindsight even the the process was not enjoyable, the end result was OK. Not sure about this one though..

How about you?


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