Superbooth 2018: Steady State Fate - New Stereo Modules

US Autodyne, Ultra-Heterodyne and Stereo Dipole      09/05/18

Steady State Fate always seem to have interesting and unique designs to show off at the trade shows at this years Superbooth was no exception. Andrew had a bunch of stuff to show off and so we were happy to check out his booth. 

The three modules that we took a look at were the Autodyne, Ultra-Heterodyne and the Stereo Dipole. Autodyne is an auto compressor which basically means it doesn't have any attack or release settings, so it is adaptive depending on the input. Ulta-Heterodyne is a stereo vca with dual mono or stereo operation and the Stereo Dipole is a 2 pole stereo filter with a similar dual mono or stereo operation. 

More info at SSF

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