AliveInVR Adds Multi User VR Collab Ableton Live Sessions

Remote collaborations for Vive, Rift and WMR      30/04/18

Last Year back at the We Are Robots conference in London we talked to Jim Simons and experienced the deeply immersive Ableton Live VR controller he had built. At the time we were intrigued by the possibilities and mentioned remote collaboration.

Now AliveInVR has added this ability, multi-user, remote collaboration including high quality and low latency ASIO driver integration, with an additional VOIP channel for chat.

Jim sent this information on the new capabilities:

The ability to collaborate/perform or spectate with multiple people in VR. Anyone can join in with 'near realtime' control such as trigging clips/scenes, XYZ parameter controls, Step sequencer. 

The host of the session can do the low latency stuff in addition (instruments/drum racks).

It works by sharing the session mix between participants using a high quality codec. Lower quality VOIP is used for voice chat to keep the bandwidth down. Audio is routed from Ableton into the app using a custom ASIO driver.



AliveInVR diagram

There's also a way to mix in the app with visual spatialization techniques as demonstrated in this video (headphones recommended)

Having added the custom ASIO driver to get each track's audio from Ableton into VR, it's then easy to use spatialization/binaural positioning to create spatial mixes. AliveInVR uses Oculus audio SDK's spatialization which is HTRF based.

This also enables waveform display in each active clip/instrument.

AliveInVR is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) from the Steampowered Store

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