Podcast: Sonic TALK 529 - Hand Me Down Computers

US Nektar Pacer, Vocoder, LeSlide      05/04/18

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91:35 mins


  • Robbie Bronnimann - Producer, performer, Howard Jones' MD
  • Yoad Nevo - producer, mix engineer Waves Developer
  • Steve Hillier - producer, songwriter, educator

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Notes thanks to Marc the Darc
4:51 - Nektar Pacer footcontroller
15:17 - History of the Vocoder
26:26 - iZotope Neutron 2 Compo
28:48 - Repurposing old computers
41:20 - April Fools
46:48 - Slide N Joy Le Slide
56:01 - Closing remarks goodbyes

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