Advanced Eurorack LFO With Two Outputs

US This is Not Rocket Science's Wobbler features five different shapes      14/03/18

Advanced Eurorack LFO With Two Outputs

This is Not Rocket Science have been in touch to tell us about Wobbler, an advanced LFO with two outputs that will be launching next week. They say that Wobbler is a modulation source in Eurorack format that adds controlled chaos to your sound. It has five shapes, two of which are based on physical modelling and also gives you direct visual feedback on your CV output - you can see it wobble. Here's the details in This is Not Rocket Science's own words...

A classical music instrument always contains some natural chaos giving depth to its’ sound. In synthesized sound usually you have to make a choice between being in complete control of a flat sound or allowing randomness to run wild and give it character. We have used fresh takes on classical LFO generation and physical modelling as a modulation source so that Wobbler can give you the best of both worlds – naturally occurring chaos that you can control.

Our Wobbler was designed to go on stage as well as being a staple in the studio. Wobbler has multiple features to control your oscillations:

  • With the SHAPE knob you select between five shapes
  • The MOD knob controls shape specific modulation
  • The big FREQUENCY knob changes the speed at which it oscillates
  • The SYNC input will change the FREQUENCY knob into a sub-divider of the incoming tempo
  • The PHASE knob controls the phase difference between the two outputs
  • SHAPE, FREQUENCY, PHASE and MOD all have CV inputs
  • The TRIGGER button can reset the phase of the LFO or restart the algorithm depending on your SHAPE selection
  • Both outputs have a knob to alter or invert the amplitude of the signal
  • Both outputs also have their own trigger output – sending a trigger at the start of each new phase
  • The two LED arrays show you the generated CV levels of each output

Wobbler makes your sound come alive in five shapes:

Regular LFO
This shape is a very simple LFO that can crossfade between all the standard
waveforms. On the road to chaos this shape forms the baseline of the Wobbler.
Crossfading allows you to finetune your preferred waveform. Regular LFO can also
slow down by several orders of magnitude.

Self-phasing LFO
This shape is a combination of one LFO with a second waveform that is shifted in and
out of phase with the original LFO. This shape is straightforward with sinus
waveforms and gets more complicated very fast with triangle, saw and pulse
waveforms. The resulting control voltages might surprise you.

The TWANG shape uses a physical model of a resonating stick with dampening. We
follow the movement of the stick and use this to generate control voltages. This gives
us a very natural control signal for building percussive sounds with built-in

Double pendulum
This shape uses a physical model of a double pendulum. We follow the angles
between both segments of the pendulum and the ground, and use these to generate
control voltages. If you have ever seen a double pendulum in action you will know
how quickly it goes from standstill to chaos.

Our internal white noise source gets sampled numerous times per second
depending on the frequency. This sample is then passed through an adjustable lowpass
filter. One of the outputs can become a delayed version of the other, while
both remain based on the same sequence of samples. Added bonus: the quantizeand-
hold mode for more predictable outputs.

All shapes are calculated real-time. Our Wobbler is constantly calculating or simulating these five
shapes in the background. Ready for you to crossfade between shapes without losing step.

Pricing and Availability:
€300. Available from March 23rd.

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