SUPERBOOTH 2024: This Is Not Rocket Science - Geometric Anomaly Synthesizer

US Dual oscillator synth voice with filters envelopes and cross-modulation      16/05/24

At Superbooth 2024, Stijn from This Is Not Rocket Science showcased Geometric Anomaly, a new module that unexpectedly came into existence as a birthday present for the creator. This dual oscillator synthesizer voice is a spiritual successor to Rectangular Thing and incorporates lessons learned from the production of the Fenix. Featuring two filters, two envelopes, and a variety of modulation inputs, the Geometric Anomaly offers a comprehensive sound palette with unique cross modulation options. The state variable filter from the Fenix adds versatility to the sound design by enabling spectral morphing and raw, dynamic textures that can be tamed with the final low pass ladder filter.

For a limited production run of 30-40 units expected in July, the Geometric Anomaly is priced around 700 Euros, with potential adjustments due to inflation.jn


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