Kickstarter: HANSY1010 Synthesizer

French Hybrid Mono/Duophonic Synthesizer with analogue filter      05/12/17

Once again Kickstarter provides a platform for hardware projects to be put through to fruition. French electronics engineer Lacaud Gilles had always dreamt of building his own Synthesizer, So after 20 years in the business he has developed the HANSY1010, A Hybrid Digital/analogue Synthesizer.

The synth uses digital 'variable sample frequency oscillators, Capable of producing "basic waveforms like SAW/SINE/TRI/SQUARE/PWM but also some special Waves like the MKS,PRO2,PSAW,SAWSQUARE,TRISQUARE".

A built in SD card containing an internal wave bank of 4300 waveforms, Means it can also produce Vector and Phase distortion synthesis as well as the usual Piano & Organ Sounds. All this run through a 4 pole Analogue filter means this synth has the potential to produce some amazing sounds.

Featuring a 24 step sequencer and arpeggiator, Another cool feature is the Game pad style 4 position joystick, Allowing you to route velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend,mod wheel and a whole host of other parameters to its 4 points allowing for a lot expression, modulation and motion.

The full HANSY1010 synth is available in white or orange priced at €380, with other kit form variants available.


  • Duophonic Hybrid synthesizer : Mono or Duo Mode
  • Large Interface with 4*40 LCD and OLED (128*64)/ 8 Potentiometers / 16 Push Button and one Joystick
  • 256 memory locations
  • Digital Oscillators / Analog Filter 4 poles
  • Resonance Keyboard tracking positive or negative Oscillator
  • waveform Legacy waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/PWM/Random
  • Special waveform: TriSquare/SawSquare/Pro2/MKS...
  • Wavetable : over 4300 wavetables
  • Noise generator
  • Transpose and detune
  • Phase Distortion
  • One Sub Osc per Osc
  • Sub Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/Pulse1/Pulse2/Pulse3
  • Sub Type: -2 / -1 / 0 Octave or 5Th Up or 5Th Down
  • Combi between OSC and SubOsc ADD/MULTIPLY/XOR/ENTERLACE
  • Wave Morphing and Wave shaping possibility (2 parameters per OSC)
  • 3 LFO
  • LFO Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Inv/Random/Lag
  • LFO Sync: Free/Key/delay
  • 4 ADSR envelope Generator with positive and negative amount
  • VCF Negative and positive Amount
  • VCA
  • Pitch route to OSC1/OSC2 or OSC1&2
  • Matrix EG
  • Glide
  • External Analog audio input Midi In and Out with soft Thru
  • Sequencer and Arpeggiator ( 1 Sequence or Arp per Sound)
  • 24 Step 6 Parameters per step Transpose/Velocity/Cut-off/Gate/Glide/Noise
  • Swing
  • Sequencer or Arp send to Midi channel
  • Midi Sync In and Out
  • Assignable Pitch bend / Mod wheel
  • Assignable 4 axis Joystick to 20 destinations with amount
  • Double Assignable Aftertouch to 20 destinations with amount
  • Sound and Library manager software on PC
  • Firmware can be updated easily via USB by dragging and dropping the firmware into the mass storage.


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Thanks to Leigh Kemp for the story



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