Plug-in Inspired By Lexicon 480L Reverb

Reverb Foundry HD Cart is modelled after the HD and surround expansion cartridge      09/11/17

Plug-in Inspired By Lexicon 480L Reverb

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Reverb Foundry says that HD Cart is a high-density reverb plugin modelled after a legendary expansion for one of the most sought after and expensive reverb units of all time.

A spokesperson told us, "It was next to impossible to walk into almost any professional recording studio in the mid to late 1980s – and for many years after – and not have one be in the room somewhere. So many of the most cherished and well-known recordings of all time owe a large part of their ambience and overall sound to this iconic state of the art (at the time) processor. The HD and surround expansion cartridge for this unit contained the only algorithm to ever fully take advantage of its considerable dual-board processing capabilities. This amazing program was capable of being used in quadraphonic, 5.0 surround or high-density stereo reverb modes resulting in dense, rich audio unlike any other reverb processor."

Here's a description direct from Reverb Foundry

Authentic Controls
The full compliment of controls available on the original unit have been recreated in HD Cart including:

  • Spread: for powerful room re-dimensioning
  • Diffusion: control room reflectivity for convincing small rooms to lush cathedrals and chambers
  • Size and time: with pin-point accuracy model the size and character of a room
  • Modulation: control the classic spin and wander of this heritage algorithm
  • Frequency dependent decay: from sizzling highs to tight lows, the tone of the room can be controlled with ease
  • Early reflections: control the tone and timing of a series of modulated early reflections

Modern Enhancements

Not present in the original device, enhancements to the core algorithm have been included for a much wider, more spacious reverb than was ever possible with the original hardware.

Additional filtering has been implemented in the early reflections module for much greater control over the spectral balance of this crucial reverb component within the mix.

Advanced Stereo and Surround Modes
One of the first ever surround algorithms ever to consider the effect of early and late reflections in a quadraphonic field, this pushed the dual-board design of the original hardware to the limit. Included in this recreation is its high density stereo mode, quadraphonic and special 5.0 routing configurations.

In stereo modes the reverb can be pushed towards the front, left in the centre for highest reflection density, or moved towards the rear of the simulated space.

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