SSL-Style EQ For Mac And Windows

Overtone DSP EQ4000 emulates E-Series channel EQ      12/07/17

SSL-Style EQ For Mac And Windows

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Overtone DSP tells us that, based on the E-Series channel EQ processing from one of the best-known British recording consoles, the EQ4000 comprises high frequency, high-mid, low-mid and low frequency sections. The low and high frequency sections are independently switchable between 'bell' and 'shelf' modes while the mid sections provide fully parametric equalization with variable gain, frequency and Q.

Overtone DSP says that the plug-in was developed by a design team including two former Solid State Logic (SSL) engineers, with detailed understanding of the original hardware. They tell us that it emulates both the earlier 'Brown' (82E02) and later 'Black' (82E242) versions of the original hardware while HF - HMF and LF - LMF cross-linking emulates the control interaction of the original design

Windows / Mac AAX Native for ProTools 11 & 12
Windows VST (32 and 64Bit) and VST3 (64Bit only)
Mac VST / VST3 and Audio Unit
Linux VST2 (32 and 64Bit)

No extra hardware required
Flexible licensing - use on multiple PCs
Free updates and support

Requires a VST2, VST3, AudioUnit or AAX compatible host application.


  • Four EQ sections High, high-mid, low-mid and low frequency sections provide flexible equalization options.
  • Low and high frequency shelf / bell Low and high frequency sections, independently configurable for 'shelf' or 'bell' response.
  • Brown / Black EQ types Switchable between either the original 82E02 (Brown) or later 82E242 (Black) hardware modules, as indicated by the LF control knob colour.
  • HF-HMF and LF-LMF cross-linking High frequency and high-mid (similarly low frequency and low-mid) sections emulate the control interaction of the original hardware.
  • Analogue Filter Modelling II Replicates the response of analogue filters without requiring CPU intensive oversampling, avoiding pre-ringing, additional latency or other undesirable artifacts.
  • Physical Control Weighting Replicates the 'feel' as well as the look of high quality rotary controls.
  • DPI-aware GUI Windows UI automatically upscales for system settings above 96dpi, improving usability on a wide range of different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Compact UI As intuitive and easy to use as an analogue console channel EQ, without adding unnecessary on-screen clutter.

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