Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb

US zynaptiq says ADAPTIVERB represents the first new approach to generating reverb in decades      15/08/16

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zynaptiq has announced the immediate availability of ADAPTIVERB, their new Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb. Here's what they have to say about it in their own words...

We're very proud of this plugin - it represents the first new approach to generating reverb in decades.

When we set out to create a reverb, we wanted to do something new, exciting, and useful. There are already many great reverb units out there, and simply taking existing designs and adding incremental changes or enhancements would have felt like re-inventing the wheel.

That is something we don't do at zynaptiq.

So we figured: rather than focusing on emulating real rooms, why not focus on making the reverb sound beautifull and rich, making it possible to use lots of it without introducing the typical engineering issues associated with too much reverb, while opening up new creative options. Why not make a reverb that embraces and supports all the great non-"room simulation" uses for reverb people have come up with over the years, make them easy and fast to do, at superb quality. Why not zynaptify the concept of reverberation as such.

Well, we decided to go ahead and pursue this. Along the way, we discovered a bunch of exciting new ways of how to create and manipulate reverb, and spent a great amount of time fine-tuning, combining, re-doing and reality-checking all of that.

What came out of it is ADAPTIVERB, which works, sounds and behaves unlike any other reverb.

Rather than stacking delay/allpass nodes or convolving the input with an IR, ADAPTIVERB employs machine learning, ray-tracing and source separation techniques to synthesize a reverb tail that automatically adapts to the audio context it is used in - like a chameleon.

Our testers have described it as "it's just soo MUSICAL!", "oh boy, does it sound GOOD!" and "I don't use reverbs in general, they always mush up the sound - this one doesn't, and I'm now turning into a reverb LOVER!". We tend to agree with our testers, and trust you will, too.

Pricing and Availability:

USD 149 / EUR 159 (Special offer valid through September 30th, 2016)

Regular price will be USD 249/EUR 269

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