Experimental Sound Designers UK Meet

KISS2016 - the Kyma International Sound Symposium will take place in Leicester, UK      12/08/16

Experimental Sound Designers UK Meet

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Sound artists, performers, sound designers, composers and researchers are crossing disciplinary and international borders to converge on the campus of De Montfort University in Leicester UK from their home studios in Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK and the USA to share their expertise and exchange ideas through talks, demonstrations and live public performances from 7-10 September 2016 at KISS2016.

Symbolic Sound has been in touch with Sonic State to tell us that it's the first time that KISS has been held in the UK and, since Kyma isn't available through retail outlets it could be a rare opportunity for serious UK sound designers to experience it in their own backyard. They say that if you are obsessed with sound and inventing the future of music, you can join them and partake in the discussions, the concerts, and inspiring exchanges with fellow sound and music creators by registering here.

During the conference, one of the presenters' original soundscapes will be crossing a new kind of border -- the Kalman line that separates Earth from outer space! On September 8 at around midnight UK time, NASA will be launching the OSIRIS-REx near Earth asteroid mission; on board the craft are sounds created by experimental Dutch composer Roland Kuit -- sounds that will be making a one-way trip to asteroid Bennu where they will wait to be discovered by sound designers of the future.

Pricing and Availability:
£ 195, includes talks, demonstrations/workshops, concerts, receptions & lunches
£ 49, for students

These rates apply through 1 September 2016 or until the occupancy limit for the venue has been reached. After 1 September 2016, the prices will increase to:

£ 275, includes talks, demonstrations/workshops, concerts, receptions & lunches
£ 70, for students

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