Wanna See What The Moog Mother 32 Might Look Like?

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Wanna See What The Moog Mother 32 Might Look Like?

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So the big news last week was that Moog would be entering the Eurorack market with their Mother 32 synth module. With many commenting that it was about bloody time.

In much the same vein as the Roland System- 1m, the Mother 32 offers a basic all-in-one VCO synth voice that can be mounted in your euro case, or standalone. It also offers a 32 point patch bay and a 32 step sequencer.

As the module was being shown behind closed doors at Knobcon with phones and cameras confiscated on entry, us in the wider synth world have no idea what the Mother 32 looks like!

However forum poster 'Bob Borries' over on MuffWiggler's has kindly mocked up what the Mother 32 might look like.

We are not sure whether Bob Borries was actually at Knobcon or whether he saw the actual Mother 32, but another forum poster 'nangu' commented that:

"It's black, with really nice angled wood side cheeks on the mini-skiff that it comes in. This layout tracks very well with what I remember of the thing."

So I think we can guess that this is pretty close to the actual synth. Moog isn't letting pictures out just yet so you'll just have to wait for the official announcement to see exactly what it looks like!

It's expected to be available in early October at a price of $599.

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