Brighton Modular Meet 2015: Music Thing Modular

Tom Whitwell shows us his new modules and some new prototypes      31/05/15
    MP4 3:56 mins    

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Tom Whitwell has been coming out with some great DIY kits over the past few years, his first, the Turing Machine was the grand prize in our competition this year!

In this video Tom takes us through the range of modules he has on offer and also shows us some of his upcoming prototype modules.

The first of which is a mix expander for the Turing Machine. This is a four channel matrix mixer which uses data from the Turing Machine to control the mix of signals input.

The second is a simple HIFi style EQ, which uses an all surface mount design, so if you want to learn to surface mount soldering then this is an easy way to do it.

All of the Music Thing Modular kits can be bought from


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