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Synth range expanded      01/04/15

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The Korg/ Littlebits Synth kit which we looked at last year, was the first collaboration between the electronics kit manufacturer and the Synthesizer maker. It was great fun, and allowed for a certain amount of modularity and repatching, but was essentially a closed system.

Today Korg and Little Bits have announced three more modules to open up the Synth kit to outside influence:

Three new Modules

Midi TriggerThe MIDI module allows you to control the Synth Kit from MIDI-enabled hardware instruments and computer software (Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc). Additionally, it will allow you to create your own MIDI controller with littleBits modules by converting littleBits control voltages to MIDI messages.



CV stands for "control voltage" and is a widely used term in the realm of analog synthesizers. A control voltage is a variable voltage signal that is used to control module behaviors ranging from the pitch of oscillators to the cutoff setting of filters and more. Switchable between Hz/V (MS-20)CV Module and V/Oct (Eurorack)


The USB I/O module allows you send and receive digital audio and control voltages to and from a computer. When using in conjunction with a DAW, you can record your Synth Kit directly into a computer without the need of an external audio interface. You can also send audio from a computer into the littleBitssystem to manipulate it, for example with the filter and delay modules.USB


The Synth Pro Kit ($139.95)-  2 x CV modules, MIDI module, USB I/O, mounting boards, and cables.

The new modules are also sold individually: USB I/O ($34.95), Control Voltage ($34.95), and MIDI ($39.95).




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