Sonic LAB: Korg Volca Sample Review

US The first digital Volca - and it swings      27/02/15
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Korg's Volca range certainly are nifty little music machines, capable of some useful musical applications, even though they are temptingly affordable. We've reviewed the range so far-see links below.

The Volca Sample is a different type of instrument - previous models in the range have all been Analog, but the Volca Sample is totally digital (well almost).

Its a sample player, with 4MB of sample RAM - at 32kHz - this comes prefilled with 99 drum/perc/hits, some of which are pretty tasty and offer a lot of punch.

With the same pattern sequencer, and parameter recording abillities as its brethren, the Sample is well suited to beats duty, but its actually capable of much more.

One of the major gripes at launch was the news that you could only squirt samples into the Volca Sample by using Korg's iOS app - you use the audio out of your device into the Volca sync in jack - old school modem/tape style. But since then there have been a couple of solutions that open up the possibilities.

First up is Caustic - which is available for Android too and has some pretty advanced sample editing functions and whats more is free!

There's also a cloud based browser app that can do the job, though obviously you'd need to be online for that work.

One other criticism is the fact that its not easy to record pitched lines into the Volca Sample, we hope this gets addressed with a firmware update - just accepting MIDI note in would do the job. However on the plus side, you can now introduce swing into the patterns.

See what Gaz Williams, a mobile music fanatic made of the Volca Sample.

Available now £129, $159, €159


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