Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Availability Update

US First come, first served, but time coming down      12/02/15

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Availability Update

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If the rumours are anything to go by the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator launch at NAMM, was a runaway success -  of sorts. It seems that the store was taking orders from day 1 of NAMM. We made a b-line for the booth on Thursday  morning and had our piece online later that day. Basically it really blew up.Its one of the most popular items we posted from NAMM, and they had some stiff competition.

People comparing their order numbers on various forums, assuming their system increments by one each time a sale is made, seem to indicate orders in the tens of thousands for these little fellers -= possibly as high as 40,000.

Which is great! Unless of course you hadn't expected such a high volume of orders - its hard to know how many to build in advance for a relatively small company.

Last we heard it was up to five months, but in an announcement from the Teenagers just now, it appears to be coming down, here's what they said:

Pocket Operators delivery status

First of all thank you all very much for your orders! Everything will be processed in sequence, in a first-come, first-served manner. Due to heavy demand, delivery is expected within 2 – 3 months, and hopefully faster. We will get shipments continuously and we will ship your orders as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Kindly // TE


Fortunately, we have a full set currently in transit from Teenage HQ coming for review, which we have to send back in a very short timeframe sadly.


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