NAMM 2015: Modular Awards

US We celebrate the rise of the rack      10/02/15

Best Analogue Module

Studio Electronics Boomstar Modstar

One of the most encouraging and exciting things that we noticed this year was the sheer about of collaboration going on in the modular world. We had SSF/WMD, Synth Rotek/Mattson, Tip Top/Serge and of course Pittsburgh/Studio Electronics.

Marc St. Regis's enthusiasm for his products is infectious and you can definitely see that he loves analogue synthesis in all it's guises; digitally controlled racked analogues, knob per function desktops and now their modular setups.

Studio Electronics have been in the synth game for 30 years and bringing their discrete class A analogue quality into the world of eurorack. You can definitely hear that quality too which is why we decided that they would be the receiver of the Best Analogue Module award.

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