Behringer - Would You Like A $500 ARP Odyssey Re-make?

Now that is a very interesting question      23/12/14

Behringer - Would You Like A $500 ARP Odyssey Re-make?

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So wait a minute, didn't Korg announce that they were going to be remaking the classic ARP Odyssey sometime back? Well the answer is yes, so what the heck is this post doing on Behringer's official Facebook page?

They asked:

How would you feel if we build an authentic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, but with a unique 3-mode VCF circuitry (that replicates all MK I to III versions) plus full Midi/USB implementation? Price around US$ 500. Shoot...

Obviously with Uli Behringer recently declaring a passion for analog synthesizers and that he has a development team working on actually making one (or more) analog synths, probably a polysynth, this is a rather mindblowing question. In fact if you check our poll results, 42% of people would spend $500 or under on a Behringer synth.

I have actually no idea of the business ramifications of this, but if its a question of a race to the finish line, then that is very exciting.

The Arp Odyssey is clearly a favourite, indeed, I think I heard somewhere recently that the Odyssey outsold the Minimoog 2:1 - can't verify this, but it certainly was a more affordable synth at the time. We also just had an excellent presentation from Mr Spiers of GForce Software who showed off their excellent Oditty2 - a virtualisation (and some) of the Odyssey synth (including all three filter options) - featuring another great Spiers-ism "Its better than football or talking to people".

We live in exciting times indeed for the synthesist - add to this the official NAMM announcement that demand for synth floor space has doubled over last years NAMM show - its going to be a great year I feel...

What do you think about this announcment?




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