Album Recorded With Custom Designed Electronic Instruments

Kickstarter campaign aids artist and instrument designer, Moldover      14/11/13

Album Recorded With Custom Designed Electronic Instruments

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Here's the press release we've been sent...

Moldover, aka The Godfather of Controllerism, is a leading architect of EDM's return to authenticity.  Having already coined and established the term that has redefined music performance, Moldover now turns his attention to inventing new instruments and using them to record his next album FOUR TRACK.  Framed by a Kickstarter campaign and drawing support from audio engineers, instrument manufacturers, film makers, and a slew of like-minded artists, Moldover is reaching out directly to the crowd for the support he needs to catalyze the next phase of musical innovation.  Disillusioned with "press play" DJs, music fans from all walks are baking the campaign, excited to bring virtuosity, improvisation, and raw emotional expression back to the live music experience. 

Four Track is the long awaited sequel to Moldover's virally-successful debut album.  Emerging from hard times fraught with lost love and family tragedy, the music-tech pioneer returns to his musical roots, inspired by the genuine simplicity of his earliest tape recordings.  His newly designed instruments, The Mojo and The Robocaster, give birth to musical ideas impossible to realize with traditional instruments or common controllers.  Integrating the timeless craft of songwriting with his mastery of musical machines, Moldover skillfully blends rich vocal harmonies and organic guitar textures, with meticulously crafted sample-based beats. 

Voices in the music industry still ask, "what happens to physical media in the digital age?"  Moldover deftly answers them by inventing a new kind of media.  The Voice Crusher is both the physical packaging for his new album, AND a musical instrument.  Tucked inside a retro cassette tape case and featuring a built-in microphone and speaker, The Voice Crusher is a self contained, circuit bent, 8-bit blast to play.  An integrated USB drive contains the full-length album, video, visual artwork and more.  Supporters of Moldover's Kickstarter will be rewarded with a limited, pre-release, Voice Crusher copy of Four Track to call their own.

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