Audio Recording App For iPhone And iPod Touch

SoundVault Audio Recorder now available on the Apple App Store      02/07/13

Audio Recording App For iPhone And iPod Touch

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Available now, the SoundVault app offers audio recording features to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users.  Soundness tell us that, with a simple and intuitive user-interface, SoundVault comes with dozens of features while remaining simple to use. They say that SoundVault is perfect for recording and sharing voice memos, lectures, sermons, legal briefings, field interviews, business meetings, dictation, music, ambient sounds, or anything else you can hear.

Steve Berkley, Founder of Soundness LLC, told us, "SoundVault is the solution for users needing a full-featured recording app on their iOS devices. Our app gives users the experience they expect on iOS devices, providing powerful functionality and connectivity from an elegant and simple-to-use interface."

Here's more details directly from Soundness...

SoundVault offers high quality recording and playback features including record, append, play/pause, variable playback speeds, fast-forward/rewind, jog/shuttle/locate, record count-off, and timed recordings.  Recordings can be named, organized into user-customizable categories, and searched.  SoundVault can also store the GPS location of each recording, attach photos to recordings, and even allows storing marker locations throughout a recording.  SoundVault offers three different recording quality settings, including 44.1kHz CD-quality, and also supports stereo recording with compatible microphones.  SoundVault provides volume-boosting to make quiet recordings audible. SoundVault automatically pauses the recording when receiving a phone call, and continues recording even if the device is in sleep mode.

Sharing SoundVault recordings is easy with four different options. SoundVault's integrated Dropbox support allows recordings to be uploaded to the user's Dropbox for easy sharing with anyone.  SoundVault also appears over Wi-Fi on a web browser page, showing all the recordings for playback or download. Users can also email a copy of a recording directly from SoundVault. Finally, recordings can be backed up and transferred from SoundVault using iTunes Sync.

SoundVault is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later, and supports the iPhone's built-in microphone, Bluetooth microphones, compatible mono headsets, and also supports stereo recordings with supported hardware.  SoundVault is optimized for the iPhone 5.

Pricing and Availability:
$2.99. Available on the App store.

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