More Serato Control From Numark

GB Serato DJ is now compatible with NS6      19/02/13

More Serato Control From Numark

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Adding to a string of other announcements, including the NAMM debut of NS7 II and the groundbreaking Orbit wireless DJ controller, Numark has announced  that Serato DJ is now compatible with NS6.

Chris Roman, Numark Product Manager, told us, "NS6 has the advantage of being developed in partnership with Serato and being designed for their software when it was originally conceived, so the integration with Serato DJ is top-notch"

Numark tells us that Serato DJ includes a wide range of all-new features and capabilities, including stunning new effects powered by iZotope, ultra-flexible and intuitive MIDI mapping, the ability to set and trigger up to eight cue points, a totally refreshed user interface, four-deck mixing, and more. They say that the live-performance-centric design of NS6 combined with the advanced
feature set in Serato DJ software will give DJs a powerful and seamless experience with their music and their audience.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, had this to say, "Numark's approach to DJ hardware perfectly complements Serato's approach to DJ software. Both companies take DJs seriously and are committed to giving them premium products--that's why NS6 and NS7 have been such fantastic products."

The partnership between Numark and Serato extends back some six years and has resulted in an entire range of professional controllers that Numark believes has eliminated the line between hardware and software--NS6 and NS7 II being the most recent to ascend to the top and offer groundbreaking performance capability along with bulletproof build quality.

Serato DJ compatibility with other Numark controllers will be rolled out gradually this spring and will include N4, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, and Mixdeck Quad.


Pricing and Availability:
NS6 owners can upgrade to Serato DJ for $129 at An upgrade to both
Serato DJ and the powerful Serato Video plugin (normally $149 by itself) is also available for

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