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Gospel Musicians introduce Neo-Soul Keys 3X      21/08/12

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Neo-Soul Keys 3X is an upgrade to the original Neo-Soul Keys. Unlike the original Neo-Soul Keys, which only featured a Suitcase Mark I EP, the new 3X adds a dirty Stage Mark I and a Wurlitzer emulation.
Gospel Musicians tells us that, more importantly, they added a ton of mechanical noises to add grit, dirt, and realism to your EP experience. They say that their number one goal was realism and to give you the most organic experience ever in an EP library, so went to great lengths to make sure that if you could not take your heavy electro-mechanical instrument to your gig, or session, then their EP library would be the next best thing. They tell us that a heavy amount of detail, thought, and programming went into this library as it boasts almost 8.0GB of sample data using Kontakt 5's new scripting engine and features. A spokesperson told us, "The details make a difference and you will clearly hear the meticulous amount of detail that went into sampling every nuance and mechanical noises necessary for a complete EP experience!"
New Yamaha Motif XS/XF Version
Gospel Musicians have also added the new Mark I Stage electric piano version for the Yamaha Motif XS/XF keyboards. This version has all of the knobs that are on the Kontakt version assigned to 8-different sliders for the Yamaha Motif keyboards. They say that this gives you a lot of power, flexibility, and realism. The goal was to make sure that the Stage EP would sound exactly the same as the Kontakt version. For the XF, you can load your EP in the Flash boards and load one time and it stays in memory.
New 3X Features:
  • 2.5GB of NEW Sample Data - 8.0GB Uncompressed) @ 44.1kHz/24-Bit - 12-Velocity Layers
  • Two New EPs: Wurli and Mark I Stage
  • Butter/Creamy sound or Mono version for Suitcase
  • A Dirty Tube Saturated or Clean version Stage EP
  • More Dirt knob to add more of the dirty tine
  • New Key Down samples with more mechanical FX
  • New Key Up Samples with more mechanical noises
  • Dial in more of the Wurli distorted speaker sound
  • Dial in more tube saturation for Wurli and Stage
  • All samples run through tube amps for a more vintage sound Pricing and Availability:
    Current Neo-Soul Keys owners can upgrade to the new 3X for $49.99. New 3X purchasers can purchase at a discount price of $149.99. After September 5th, the upgrade price will be $99.99 and the regular price will be $199.99.
    Neo-Soul Stage EP for Yamaha Motif XS/XF on sale for $49.99 (Regular Price is $99.99).
    Neo-Soul Keys Version 1 for Reason is on sale for $49.99 (Regular Price is $99.99).
    VKFX Vintage Keyboard FX Plugin is on sale for $89.99 (Regular Price is $129.99).
    Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard is on sale for $49.99 (Regular Price is $39.99).
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