Free Multimode LoFi Plug-In

Inear Display releases SicknDstroy for Mac and Windows      16/05/12

Free Multimode LoFi Plug-In

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Inear Display has released the SicknDstroy plug-in for Windows as VST(32 and 64), and for Mac as VST(32 and 64) and AU(32 and 64). Inear Display tells us that SicknDstroy is a classic lofi effect plugin with 4 output modes to make it less classic :
  • > : bitcrushing and samplerate reduction are chained (classic mode)
  • + : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and mixed together
  • * : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and ringmodulating
  • - : samplerate reducer output is subtracted from bitcrusher output (so if they output the same sound, the effect won't output anything)
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Free download. More information:

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