240 presets For FM8

Le Lotus Bleu releases Legendary Collection for Native Instruments virtual synthesizer      30/04/12

240 presets For FM8

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Le Lotus Bleu tells us that Legendary Collection is an expansion bank of 240 instruments for Native Intruments FM8 VSTI. It combines two libraries in a single package : Beyond Reality and FM Legends The "Beyond reality" part offers FM expressive emulations of real instruments ( Classical, electrical, ethnic ), while the "FM Legends" part takes to new hights all the classical FM sounds ( Rhodes, EPs, Clavinets, Bells, Organs, Brass & Strings, etc ) A spokesperson told Sonic State, "On both soundsets, Nori used his incredible FM synthesis mastering skills to offer to the composer or songwriter very expressive and fully detailed instruments. Not only will this collection be useful to compose or sketch scores, blend or layer FM tones with real or sampled instruments to give them unique flavours, but the instruments alone deliver instant beauty, and present this rich and specific FM character only a few synthesizers can offer."
With the Legendary Collection, you'll also get Le Lotus Bleu's FM8 Bonus soundset, which contains around 60 additional exclusive instruments, created during the first Sound Designer VS contest/game, by FM specialists Nori and Lotuzia.
All in all you'll get 300 new instruments, crafted, says Le Lotus Bleu, with extreme care and precision by the author of the legendary Shofuku sound collection, who also populated numerous Yamaha FM synthesizers with factory presets.
Legendary Collection Features:
  • 240 instruments, clearly organised and tagged for a perfect integration into FM8 search engine.
  • 60 additonal exclusive instruments aka "The Bous Bank"
  • Includes Brass, Strings, Plucked strings, Woodwinds(60), Pads and Atmos(13),Keys, Organs, Clavinets (49), , Basses and Guitars (27), Leads and synths (29) Arps, Fx (27) Percs tuned + untuned (34) Vocal (4).
  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features. Very CPU Friendly instruments, all playable on a reference PIV Single Core 1 Ghz Computer.
  • Designer notes embedded in each patch, including the description of midi controllers assignation.
  • A Pdf manual including preset list, installation procedure, tips and tricks for for FM8, unique Operators tuning charts, Advanced mixing techniques for FM8 tutorial
Pricing and Availability:
€ 29 for European customers, around $ 40 outside Europe More information:


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