Sound Bank For Waldorf PPG WAVE

Random Wave Music's Ambiodrone sound bank contains 64 new expansive pad and hybrid-synth sounds      02/03/12

Sound Bank For Waldorf PPG WAVE

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Random Wave Music tell us that the Ambiodrone sound bank contains 64 new expansive pad and hybrid-synth sounds for the PPG WAVE 2.V and 3.V software synthesizers. They say that, included in the Ambiodrone sound bank are a variety ambient, analog-digital hybrid, atmospheric, drone, experimental, pad and scape type of evocative sounds, moods and melodies.
Many of the programmed sounds explore the wavetable scanning capability found in the PPG Wave series synthesizers to produce musically interesting and unusual tonal events.
The Ambiodrone Programs utilize the DUAL and QUAD voice modes within the PPG WAVE 2.V "3.V VSTI's architecture extensively for creating full and rich sound textures.
The programmed sounds include controller assignments mapped to pitch bend, modulation wheel and aftertouch for further expressiveness.
The AMBIODRONE Sound Bank includes:
  • 64 new Programs in .FXB Bank and .FXP Program compatible file format
  • Documentation including Manual, Program List, License Agreement
Pricing and Availability:
$12 USD More information:


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