Fourth Generation Spectral Audio Vitalizer / Enhancer

Crysonic releases Spectralive NXT V4      29/02/12

Fourth Generation Spectral Audio Vitalizer / Enhancer

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Crysonic today released Spectralive NXT V4 Spectral Audio Vitalizer / Enhancer. They say that Spectralive NXT V4 now supports a whole gamut of Mastering tools and can now be used as a single pro mastering plug-in in the Audio chain together for other tasks such as tracking, mixing, live and sound sculpting / Engineering. Here's the details in Crysonic's own words... This is a serious upgrade to a great product. This is the product that Started Crysonic six years ago and they are extremely excited to announce the fourth generation of our flagship product. Crysonic have re-wrote the code from scratch and there is a ton of new features, speed improvements, much better compatibility with all hosts and again with a gorgeous new interface. The Spectralive Process has been refined for even better sounding results. Spectralive NXT V4 can now be the only plugin in the Audio chain if required, V4 also introduces two new Pro Mastering Grade Compressors. A Multi-Band and a Single band version and both offer very transparent compression with zero latency. You also have an option to place them pre or post the Spectralive process including parallel compression which is a welcome addition for Drums and Vocals. Spectralive V4 now includes a secondary zero latency Opto style Limiter with hard / soft Knee adjustments. The new limiter also induces analog harmonics with certain settings. The 'BASS House' rack is the all new Harmonic Bass Enhancement processor. Taking the lead from their popular newB Plugin, BASS House can be used to Enhance bass sections as well as re-enforce low harmonics. There is also a new audio GATE Rack processor and can be activated as pre or post to Spectralive processing, great care has been taken to make this as transparent and smooth sounding as possible even at extreme attack /release settings. Last but not least Crysonic have also added Pro quality Dithering for the final output which includes two types, Triangular PDF and a final master stereo noise shaping dither, Word length options are 16,24 bits with DC shift dial. Pricing and Availability:
The demo version for PC is available now and the Mac OS version including a demo will be available in a few days.
The price is $159, but there is a launch special for a limited time for $49.
You can also buy it in a bundle for more savings.
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