Loop-Based Percussion Tool

Cluster Sound releases Tribe Percussor      19/04/10

Loop-Based Percussion Tool

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Cluster Sound have introduced Tribe Percussor which they describe as an ultra flexible loop-based tool based on real percussions and designed for Minimal, Tech and House music productions. Here's what they have to say about it...
The library consists 715 Mb of punchy and fat construction loops, congas, djembe, metals, bongos, shakers, exotic low percussions and much more. Tribe Percussor contains 660 hi-definition WAV & REX but also 3300 Live Drum Racks & Devices and 330 Kontakt Instruments that drastically increase its sound potential and that allow to turn the real percussions into electro ones.
The Kontakt Instruments use the KSP engine and thanks to their intuitive and useful user interfaces you can directly control the Multi-Filter, the ADSR and the Multi-Effect sections. The Live Drum Racks come with 5 special built-in racks (Grain Verb, Oil Tank, Verb Room, Rezo Synth, Moduloid) with dedicated FX and parameters.
All these instruments are based on "slicing" technique so you can restructure the loops as much as you like or to play the single percussive shots simply by using one of the 280 included MIDI loops. All the included material is 24bit native WAV format, recorded and processed with the best analog and DSP machines and meticulously edited in order to obtain extreme flexibility and longevity.
  • Size: 715 Mb (Zip: 620 Mb)
  • Content: 330 Wav Loops - 330 Rex Loops - 1980 Instruments
  • 1650 Live Drum Racks
  • 1650 Live Devices
  • 330 Kontakt Instruments with dedicated GUI
  • 280 MIDI Loops
  • 100 Tribe Kick loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Tribe Snare loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Tribe HHat loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Low Perc loops (30 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Low Tom loops (30 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 124 Conga loops (31 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Djembe loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Bongo loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Mixed Perc loops (30 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 100 Metals loops (25 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Shaker loops (30 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
  • 120 Ride loops (30 x WAV/REX/Dracks)
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