WNAMM10: Song Length Drum Loops To Jam To

Sonic Reality announces Drummer Tracks for Jamming      17/01/10

WNAMM10: Song Length Drum Loops To Jam To

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Here's the press release...
With all of the advanced drum software out there, what about good old-fashioned "play along" drum tracks for any musician to jam to? Sonic Reality, co-creators of music software products like Drum Masters, EpiK DrumS-A Ken Scott Collection and Ocean Way Drums®, have gone to the complete opposite extreme of simplicity by Introducing Drummer Tracks, song-length grooves for jamming. Designed for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, songwriters and other musicians who just want to play along with professional drum tracks for songwriting inspiration, practice, play-along performance and fun, Drummer Tracks offer the same high-quality drum sounds that Sonic Reality is known for, without any technical learning curve (except knowing how to play your instrument to jam along).
Drummer Tracksâ„¢ titles are like albums of music, except they're just the drum tracks -minus the music. You provide the music by playing along with any instrument from guitar to violin, to vocals to keys. Jam live with any audio media player or built up overdubs and create a new song in your DAW faster than ever. Drummer Tracks are longer than traditional drum loops and include the natural feel and subtle tempo drift of live playing, as well as fills and performance variations.
"These drums are not meant to lock to your sequencer, they are meant for getting that real human feel, just like you would have playing with a live drummer." Says Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality. "It's a different approach that I enjoy playing to just as much as the perfect loop. With surprise fills and variations, it really feels like jamming along with a real drummer... but without the lip. Just kidding!"
Whether you drag and drop the included CD-quality waves into your DAW of choice or you put the included mp3 versions onto your iPod Touch or portable mp3 player, Drummer Tracks are as simple to use as hitting the play button. The tracks are taken from the same sessions Sonic Reality has done for products like Drum Masters 2 and EpiK DrumS - A Ken Scott Collection. Now anyone can jam along with some of the best drummers in the world, including Bill Cobham (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), John Blackwell (Prince), Nick D'Virgilio (Tears for Fears), Ed Greene (Steely Dan), Bob Siebenberg (Supertramp), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs), Woody Woodmansey (David Bowie) and professional drummer tracks recorded and played in the style of artists* such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Genesis, The Who, 60's Motown, Nashville Country, Blues and more.
Drummer Tracksâ„¢ for the iPhone
Sonic Reality is releasing a premier app for the iPhone® that includes 10 songs from the Drummer Tracks™ range for only $1.99. This efficient mobile version offers speed control, count in and instant endings for cool grooves on the go. In addition to the special promotional app, all iPhone®, iPod® Touch and other mobile devices that play mp3's can be used to play the vast range of tracks available online at drummertracks.com and downloadablesoundz.com. Pricing and Availability:
MSRP $19.99 - $29.99 each ($1.99 for Drummer Tracks™ iPhone® Edition)
Shipping: Q1, 2010
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