World's First Lithium Battery-Powered Tube Guitar Amp

Play for for up to six hours on a single charge      05/01/10

World's First Lithium Battery-Powered Tube Guitar Amp

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Grid1 tell us that, at the forthcoming NAMM show, they will be debuting the market's first professional 60-watt tube amplifier to be powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. Here's what they have to say about it...
Scheduled for delivery in February 2010, the G1 (BPT212) is a high powered amplifier that is the first to run on built-in rechargeable lithium batteries or standard AC power. It features 60Watts (RMS) of audio output power with an estimated battery life of up to six hours.
"Even if it were powered the traditional way, the G1 would still be a top performer for its price class," commented Kevin Frazier, President of G1. "But, by designing it with our proprietary battery-powered tube technology, we're giving musicians the freedom to play anywhere with an ideal combination of power, tone, quality and flexibility."
The G1 measures 27" x 10" x 19", and at 40 lbs., it weighs less than most comparable tube guitar amplifiers.
With a features palette that sets a new standard for the price, the G1 offers clean, and distortion tube channels, tone controls for each channel (treble/mid/bass), a proprietary lush double reverb circuit on both channels, and an effects send/return that allows the "send" input to act as a preamp out if no return is present.
The G1 features Eminence ® high quality neodymium magnet speakers, giving the amp a warm, rich sound, and is equipped with "universal power, which allows the amp to operate or charge with any voltage from 90-240VAC.
The G1 is available in a variety of "green" wood options, including a beautiful bamboo cabinet that is made with the highest quality bamboo plywood, and a gorgeous hardwood elm cabinet that is derived from salvaged fallen trees in Point Reyes California.
All the local wood options include a story, a location, and the date of when and where they were salvaged. A special plaque is mounted on every G1 amplifier made of local wood, so customers know all the details about the wood used in the amplifier. Grid 1 plans to offer more "green" options as they become available.
Looking ahead, Grid 1 plans to produce an entire line of professional batterypowered tube instrument amplifiers. These amplifiers will enable the entire band to play wherever and whenever, with impeccable tone and output power.
"Our goal is to 'unplug' the band with an assortment of battery-powered tube instrument amplifiers," added Frazier. "If it's amplified, there will be a G1 solution."
  • Dual Channel Combo Amplifier
  • Fine Wood Cabinets
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery ( 4-6 hours per charge)
  • 60 Watts
  • 2X12 Eminence "Neo" Speakers
Custom Options
  • Choice of Cabinet: Honey Drip Maple, Local Elm, Bamboo, Birch, etc...
  • Tolex Options (Birch Ply Only)
  • Grill Cloth Options
  • Chassis Options
  • Custom Amp Covers
Pricing and Availability:
Suggested retail price will be $3995. More information:


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