energyXT Boxed Version Ships

Music creation software is available in stores now      01/05/09

energyXT Boxed Version Ships

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XT Software has announced that energyXT 2.5 boxed version is available in stores all over the world. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
energyXT 2.5 is the fastest, most portable Music Creation Software ever. Magazines have decribed it to be among the top 10 products from the trade show WINTER NAMM and as "awesome". It is already a prize winning DAW.
In the world of bloated, resource-hungry music production software, energyXT2.5 BOXED VERSION is like a breath of fresh air. Imagine a digital audio workstation program that opens in mere seconds from a thumb drive that can be transported from computer to computer-even between Windows (including Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems. This compact, easy-to-learn-and-use "studio on the go" lets you take it and your project files to a friend's house or recording studio on the included optimized and ultra high speed USB drive. You can record directly to the USB drive, and you can even export your recordings from energyXT2.5 to all other DAWs. energyXT2.5 features its own collection of synthesizers, including one that functions as a dedicated drum track. With its top-quality sound and speed, energyXT2.5 workstation lets you create music now.
HÃ¥vard K. Bjor, the CEO of XT Software states: We deliver easy to use Music Creation Software that support the musicians in making good music. The portability and flexibility in energyXT 2.5 BOXED VERSION is unique and attractive for true musicians, and we are very happy to provide this in stores all over the world.
Transferring music ideas from your soul to an MP3 shouldn't be a herculean task. And it shouldn't take weeks in the studio and wads of cash to make your tunes a reality. energyXT2.5 allows you to record instruments and vocals directly to your computer via a simple USB interface. You are then free to copy and paste tracks, as well as edit, add effects, and mix them to your heart's content, with stunningly professional results. energyXT2.5 makes it easy to take your music from a simple concept to a high-quality, finished masterpiece you can play, share, and upload to your favorite music site.
The energyXT2.5 Plus edition includes technology to expand ReWire compatible devices (such as Reason Virtual Studio Rack) with audio recording, VST instruments, and effects. Use energyXT2.5 Plus as the fastest-launching ReWire master solution for your favorite ReWire software, with super-flexible audio and MIDI routing of ReWire instruments, support for multi-channel audio, and up to 128 MIDI to bus/channel mapping. Choose between synchronizing playback of both applications or only using the full-fledged sequencer inside energyXT2.5 PLUS workstation.
Here's a YouTube video.

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