energyXT Updated

XT Software announce energyXT 2.5.1      24/03/09

energyXT Updated

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XT Software have announced the first update of energyXT 2.5 The 2.5.1 update includes the following:
  • export to MIDI file
  • export audio using multiple audio outs in project could crash, now fixed
  • VST version didnt include the default drum kit, now fixed
  • will now load aif files in drum sampler and synthesizer
  • you can now drag & drop .xt files into energyXT to open projects
  • snap settings in sequncer now saved with song
  • the samples section in browser didnt show mp3 files, now fixed
  • fixed "MIT-SHM" error on linux
  • it was possible to drag the main window behind the os menu on MacOSX, now fixed
  • click close main button on mac would prompt for save changes twice, now fixed
  • added workaround for lame on mac, will now support having lame in energyXT folder
  • undo text with audio process reverse and fade in/out was wrong, now fixed
  • recording new part(s) didnt un-select already selected parts, now fixed
  • insert note/midi event with mouse didnt copy the midi channel from the track, now fixed
  • using ctrl-mousewheel to move faders is upside-down, now fixed
  • changing the loop settings in the meter could sometimes make the track list scroll, now fixed
  • scrollbars in modular view would reset wen changing view, now fixed and scroll pos is also saved
  • song pos wasnt restored after render, now fixed
  • Drag-insert MIDI controllers didnt use the track's MIDI ch, now fixed
  • create new sequencer manually in modulat views and dock to new page would crash, now fixed
  • load an .fxb file and the new preset name is not listed until you refresh its display, now fixed
  • parameter changes (via automation or changing programs, for example) aren't shown in the display of a non-GUI plugin until you click on it, now fixed
  • crash when attempting to paste MIDI notes into an audio part in the popup editor, now fixed
  • when an invalid project folder path is specified in Setup, saving a new file (without specifying a full path) fails, now fixed. This fix also applies to saving presets and clips
  • crash when muting/unmuting a part on a frozen track during playback, now fixed
  • having VST versions and standalone in the same folder causes crash when adding the VST into it (due to libaam.dll)
  • "Bar" snap was always 4 quarter notes regardless of time signature, now fixed
  • upgrading VST plugin's where new version having more inputs and/or outputs than old version could lead to crash on older projects, now fixed
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