Japanese Drums

Nine Volt Audio releases TAIKO: Multi Sample High Impact Drum Library for Kontakt 2 & 3      24/10/08

Japanese Drums

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Nine Volt Audio has released TAIKO which they describe as a Multi Sample High Impact Drum Library for Kontakt 2 & 3. Here's all the details from their press release...
TAIKO is a multi-sampled library of Japanese drums capable of an extensive range of sounds and impacts. By combining theatre recordings with deep programming, a vast selection of patches and MIDI files, TAIKO offers composers a unique and easy-to-use set of tools for creating compelling drum performances.
Because the samples have been recorded with such depth, clarity and precision, TAIKO is capable of creating performances ranging from subtle and nuanced, to ethereal and majestic, to over-the-top huge and powerful. Natural sounds of the drums are presented with a wide range of articulations. And effected sounds range from delicate floating stick clicks to booming sonic impacts designed to take a listener into the deep and beyond. With patch names like Thor's Thunder, Souls of Fallen Taiko and Sun Temple Drum, it's easy to imagine the rumble.
Extensive attention has been given to the programming of TAIKO's 240+ patches. Utilizing Kontakt's scripting features, TAIKO gives composers freedom from the task of "humanizing" MIDI passages by executing automatic and complex background tasks during performance and playback. Additionally, TAIKO includes patches with 90+ velocity layers, patches that allow for quick mixing between numerous microphone perspectives and multi-patches that place a full ensemble of drums under just a few fingers.
So whether you're creating music for television, movies, games or other forms of media, TAIKO is a distinctive and inspiring source for drums and percussion suitable for traditional and contemporary works of music.
  • TAIKO was recorded in a concert hall, capturing nagado-daiko drums with natural reverb from multiple microphone perspectives including close, stage, hall, and balcony. Stage, hall and balcony positions include left and right microphone perspectives for complete stereo images.
  • Recordings include left and right hand head hits, rim clicks, stick clicks, stomps, yells, shouts, growls and more.
  • TAIKO consists of over 4,800 recorded hits and 2.3 GB of content in 24 bit, 44.1kHz resolution.
  • TAIKO contains nearly 250 patches with a palette of sounds ranging from minimal stick clicks to ensemble created sonic booms.
  • TAIKO includes over 75 MIDI performances, many with up to 16 parts, spread across 12 themes. Four of these themes are also featured in Action Drums: Taiko Edition. A matching Kontakt multi patch is included for each theme, pre-mixed for instant out-of-the-box composing.
  • In addition to having patches with dozens of velocity layers (90+ in some instances), TAIKO features advanced scripting that works behind-the-scenes to assist in the creation of realistic performances by affecting volume, tuning, randomness and ensemble tightness.
  • TAIKO Includes a broad range of "ensemble constructor" patches. These present the most natural form of the recorded taiko into easy to use patches. Each taiko is broken down into elements by microphone position and articulation for maximum control of the mix.
  • Users have access to all raw .wav files.
  • TAIKO requires Native Instruments Kontakt Version or higher, a 2 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM.
Pricing and Availability:
TAIKO is now available on DVD-ROM or as a download for $149.99 More information:

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